I truly can’t say enough good about Kyle McCray (Element Mortgage). I feel he goes above and beyond the call of duty and here’s why. I was dealing with some pretty crucial home loan/finance decisions in the midst of some personal struggles and needless to say, I was a bit stressed out! I remember our initial phone conversation, I hung up the phone thinking, this guy cannot be real. Well, he was! Kyle was so genuinely kind and really listened to every concern I had. He could tell I was struggling to make some decisions so he would sit on the phone with me as long as needed in order to help me make decisions that I was comfortable with. He always had a back-up plan and he always had options for me. He kept me in the loop every step of the way during the process. I think the thing that really blew me away was his calls to check on me as he knew I was going through some challenging times. I would recommend Kyle to anyone with complete confidence. With the work ethics I saw in Kyle, I know he will go far. Thank you again Kyle for everything you did for me; it will not be forgotten.