The best financial advocates are those who possess authentic integrity and a clear conscience because they know where they stand and what they stand for. This is essential within the culture of finance where, more often than not, “advisors” merely go with the flow and are easily pushed around. Authentic leaders, on the other hand, make conscious and informed financial choices and pursue purpose with passion. In the time that I have known Kyle McCray, he has consistently proven himself to be an authentic leader and a strong financial advocate who I trust to always fight for what is best for my family. My wife and I reached out to Kyle during the global pandemic to refinance our home not knowing what to expect in such uncertain times. Despite all that 2020 threw at all of us, Kyle remained confidently steadfast and walked my family and I carefully through each and every step of refinancing our home. Kyle was responsive to all of our needs and we had more than a few. Yet, anytime I had a question or a concern Kyle was there to provide clear, patient, and expert guidance. Working with Kyle amidst a global pandemic was like being in the eye of the storm: even while markets were thrown into chaos all around us, Kyle calmly and expertly navigated a way forward. Kyle landed us an incredibly advantageous mortgage that saved us a great deal of money and ensured my family’s financial security this year – despite the profound uncertainty of the times. Closing this loan was a genuine triumph and opened the door to a partnership that my family and I have come to deeply value and depend upon, and one that we will return to with any and all of our financial needs in the future.

Bill Zangeneh-Lester